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Masters of Precious Stones

Giuseppe Picchiotti, founder of the Picchiotti house, has started his journey as a jeweler in 1967 and he is recognized today as one of the great rare jewelry makers.

His deep knowledge of both goldsmith techniques and precious stones as well, his relentless quest for perfection and his solid business ethics have all contributed in the growth of the company during the past 50 years.

All jewelry pieces made by Picchiotti are meant to be worn by elegant women, who are not seeking to flaunt their possessions, but are attracted by the finesse of the design and the flawless quality of its workmanship and materials.

Picchiotti creations draw inspiration from traditional lines and stand out for their classic elegance. Those timeless creations, untouched by current trends or fashion are meant to become family relics, passing over from one generation to the next.

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