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Ti Sento Milano

Goldsmiths who love silver!

Ti Sento Milano silver jewelry is one of the most renowned and faster growing brands in the European markets. With an active presence in Europe since 2003, Ti Sento Milano has been established as a brand that combines quality with commercial success and fashion with timeless character.

Especially popular in most of the European markets and currently entering successfully the American and Asian markets, Ti Sento Milano offers an attractive, recognizable and extremely well-made product that can satisfy every modern woman.

What keeps Ti Sento products apart from the international competition, is their superior production quality: They are all produced from 925 Sterling Silver, using only the highest gold production standards. All pieces are handset, while they are all rhodium plated in order to achieve extra shining surface and long term wearability. The extra attention to every detail creates a seamless and sophisticated finish on all our pieces.

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