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Precious piercings for the young and fashionable

Diversa Piercing is an Italian line of piercings and earrings in 18kt gold designed for body jewelry lovers, which aims to meet the market demands based on the latest trends.

Among these, “constellation piercings” is the new trend going to last, that is, more earrings distributed close to each other on the same ear. They’re discreet, they’re less invasive than those on the face and they’re also much loved by celebrities. The red carpet confirms this, where ear cuffs and small studs have become commonly accepted by the fashion industry as a form of free artistic expression rather than punk prejudice.

This Collection is mainly focused on the ear area, providing various types of mono-earrings suitable for different ear areas. There are also various nose and mouth piercings and a selection of items for men.

All the Diversa Piercing collection is in 18kt gold, hypoallergenic and 100% made in Italy.

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